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When consumers are looking up products and product reviews, Amazon is one of the first places they go. In fact, Amazon accounts for almost half of the entire e-commerce market. If you’re selling products or services on Amazon, you want to make sure you’re coming up in those consumers’ searches. That’s where Amazon SEO comes in.

How It Works

We'll research keywords that will stand out to the Amazon search engine and consumers using several online tools to look at metrics including competition (how easy a keyword is to rank for), volume, relevance, and seasonality (during which months the keyword is most searched for).

Implementing the keywords will never look or feel forced. We aim to include them within relevant copy throughout your Amazon store page and product listings so that your consumers don't feel overwhelmed by repetition.

We'll help you set up your Amazon business page correctly with great product descriptions, optimized titles, and high-quality images.

If you're already selling on Amazon, we'll audit your account, noting strengths and areas for improvement to increase your Amazon ranking.

We'll make sure your product descriptions answer consumers questions, are packed with ranking keywords, and are as detailed as possible without being redundant.

We'll help you select high-quality images or videos so your listings can look professional and improve sales.

Why Do You Need This Service
This Service

Effective Amazon search engine optimization should allow you to see a huge increase in traffic to your Amazon listings because they’ll be ranking higher in consumers searches. We use a range of online tools and technical knowledge to determine the best keywords to use that will help you rank higher than competitors for your products and services on Amazon.

Diligent Research

We’ll find the most relevant and competitive keywords to help rank your Amazon shop higher. We cross-reference several online tools to check key indicators of a keyword’s value: competition level and search volume.

Natural Implementation

While it’s true that you want to use the target keywords as much as possible, it’s important that the implementation of these keywords does not feel forced. They should seamlessly blend into your store page copy in a way that doesn’t feel obvious to the consumer. No one wants to read the same keyword ten times in one paragraph. We avoid redundancy by maximizing placement of the keywords in your Amazon store subtly.

Sales and Reviews

Because Amazon is a very product-driven search platform, we place a strong emphasis on sales and reviews: when you use our Amazon SEO services, you can expect to see an increase in both sales and reviews. And an increase in positive reviews means more sales, so these two really go hand in hand.


If you’re not seeing the traffic, consumer interest, or sales on your Amazon shop, we can help you. Let’s optimize your page so that your business can rank higher in Amazon searches and you can make money in your sleep. Here’s some information we’ll need from you to get started:

  • Amazon login
  • Your industry or niche
  • Customer demographic information
  • Your product pricing
  • Your ideal timeframe
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