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What We Look For:
1. Values Over Experience

We believe that if you hire the right person, you can teach them anything. For that reason, finding team members with the values we look for takes precedence over years of experience. We evaluate applicants based on their creativity, willingness to and love of learning, analytical thinking, and soft skills that are not found on the pages of a resume.

2. Drive Over Education

There is no specific higher education degree required to work with SeedX at any level. We believe that intelligence cannot be enumerated by the college and university systems alone and that it is important to consider an individual's drive, story, and intelligence independently from collegiate success to properly discover their potential.

3. Creativity and Unstoppability

At SeedX, we love working with creators: individuals who are relentless creatives, always looking for the next way to push us further in innovating at SeedX and for our clients. Together, we are building a better world of business.

4. Teamwork and Independence

Our team members are both fiercely independent and wildly loyal. The SeedX culture calls for people who can think and act as individuals but also thrive in collaborative environments. The success of our work relies on both qualities.

01. Global Remote Team

Work from anywhere in the world! Our current team exists and works together seamlessly from over 7 timezones.

02. Growth-Based Raises and Bonuses

We offer our employees consistent raises and an annual bonus as their skills improve over time. Bonuses and raises are based on the individual's growth instead of arbitrary timeframes.

03. Family Friendly

We care about the people who matter most to you - your family! Our flexible work hours and locations provide our employees with plenty of welcome time with children and other loved ones.

04. High Reward

Joining a young and growing company is a great opportunity for a rewarding future. At SeedX, we plan to grow and know our early team members will thrive with us!

05. Responsibility

Looking to do important and meaningful work? We loathe jobs where you don't see the end result of your hard work. At SeedX, you will quickly and consistently watch as your tasks impact your clients and the world around you.

06. Health and Wellness

Above all, mental and physical health are key to growth, success, and happiness! We offer health benefits and wellness incentives to team members so that they can thrive.


Are you a student or simply looking for a change in your career path? We’d love to hear what draws you to SeedX.

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Love Notes from Members
of the SeedX Team

“Extremely open minded environment, where clear communication sets the stage for a wonderful working culture. Excellence, Encouragement, and focused Direction paints a beautiful picture whereby all team members play important roles that ultimately blend together producing amazing results all while having fun in the process!”

-Vice President

“With unlimited upward potential and an amazing founding team what isn't there to like about working at SeedX... I am beyond grateful for my experiences here and even more, I am so happy to have met lifelong acquaintances in the process!”

-Project Manager
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