Visit Hawaii - Revitalizing Tourism Safely after a Global Pandemic
THe client

*This project name has been anonymized to protect our client’s identity due to the sensitive nature of their organization’s work*

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the United States and the world!

However, even the best places to visit suffered terribly from the decrease in tourism during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Problem

When the tourism agency of the Hawaii state government approached SeedX, they were in need of a plan to help encourage people to visit their state safely. Doing so was a matter of necessity for the public well-being of the community and for the economy of the small businesses and families who rely on the millions of tourists who visit Hawaii each year to survive.

Our Solution

Firstly, in order to gauge interest in populations from states that visit Hawaii most frequently – including California, Oregon, New York, and a few more – we ran an advertisement campaign surveying these individuals on several areas: how comfortable they felt traveling during the pandemic, who they’d like to travel with, what age demographic they were a part of, and what they’d like to do on a vacation.


Secondly, we took the information gathered from the survey and applied it to a strategy to engage targeted individuals who might be interested in visiting Hawaii. We created social media creative that would speak to the target audience – individuals between ages 25-40 who are looking for a beach getaway during the pandemic. The ads reiterated COVID-19 safety protocols, played on millennial-centric technology like Tinder, and encouraged people to safely socially distance – on a beach.


If the individuals were interested in traveling, they could click on the ad, and visit a website landing page to sign up for more information. After they signed up, we sent them a guide on how to visit Hawaii during COVID safely while still having a good time.

Examples of
Social Media Posts
Building Trust in COVID-19 Safety Protocols
Encouraging Tourism for 2021 Valentine’s Day
Encouraging Social Distancing Safely in Hawaii
Examples of Landing Pages

Landing Pages Designed to Capture Interest - Two Variations


Creating this targeted campaign based off of analytics and data created an engaged and large email list of individuals who desired to and took action to travel to plan travel to Hawaii for the 2021 season.