Creating an iOS and Web Application for Creatives to Share Their Portfolio Online
THe client
Muses on Demand

Two former New York City executives turned entrepreneurs reached out to SeedX with an idea fueled by their careers in retail and the creative worlds: a dual-sided app marketplace meant to help corporations, hiring managers, and business owners find the best creative talent around the world to hire as contractors.


Knowing that the market is moving towards remote, freelance work, the founders of MOD were passionate about the idea of helping creators do what they do best: make art AND get paid for it!

The Problem

In the evolving world of freelance work – where do creatives and employers go to connect? How could we build a platform that allows creatives to show off their portfolios and for employers to quickly and easily find great talent?

We began the project with a discovery session with the MOD Team. This brought clarity and insight to their vision and mission.

During this discovery session we were able to:

1. Define their target users: the creative professional and the hiring manager.


2. Understand the necessary functionality for an iOS and web app to serve the target users.


3. Create a development and marketing plan that could work together to reach the creators and hiring managers that Muses on Demand would serve.

Our Solution

To create a solution that serves both types of users, the Muse and the Employer, SeedX developed a dual strategy: a native mobile application for the on-the-go creative and a responsive desktop application that would be an essential tool for employers.

We flushed out the desired features including content management, complex search capabilities, real-time messaging and notifications, and a monthly subscription plan that offers Pro features for Muses and Employers.

Mobile App
Desktop App

SeedX helped deliver a high quality, scalable, and multi-platform solution to the creative world.

MOD is the answer to aid the neglected creative community while still managing empowering cutting-edge companies that pride themselves in hiring the best creative talent in the world.