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SeedX helps companies and organizations around the world align their organizational and marketing strategies to do the impossible.

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The e-commerce market is first driven by visibility and consumer demand. And while having your name at the top of Google may be a success, this is only the beginning in expanding your e-commerce brand. The key to e-commerce success lies in understanding your customer journey, the cost to acquire a loyal customer, and how and when to scale.

SeedX is determined to connect great e-commerce brands with an audience of loyal customers, but beyond that, what we really want to help you accomplish is sustainable growth. By understanding who your customers are and the cost to acquire them, we can help empower you to scale at a steady rate. 

We have worked with many different e-commerce companies around the world. From makeup to Manuka honey and heavy machinery, each of our clients’ highly unique products and services are guaranteed a custom-tailored digital marketing experience. We utilize a series of effective digital marketing techniques such as SEO optimization, email marketing, and social media management to engage with audiences and promote your brand!



SeedX takes pride in working alongside healthcare and research professionals who seek to promote innovative new techniques and medications that can have a massive impact on human and animal healthcare. Our experiences in this field give us the insight necessary to help our clients navigate the complexities of this highly-regulated market while still finding success.


Beyond seeking strategic victory, the possibility to truly make a difference in a person’s health and well-being drives our desire to work in this industry. At SeedX, we strive to make this possibility a reality by using cutting edge marketing and business practices to connect innovative health solutions with the audiences looking to be served. 


In our efforts, we utilize digital and business tools to capture interest in a product, create a community around the health interest, and drive sales and success stories. We have also worked hand-in-hand with clients looking to create proof that their treatment works after purchase. 



Finding and supporting innovative solutions to our energy and sustainability crises are of the utmost importance to the future of our economy and public well-being.


Moreover, protecting our energy sources from cyberattacks and risk is one of our most important security priorities in the modern-era.


SeedX takes pride in supporting energy, gas, and sustainability-focused companies to  navigate the complex technological issues they must face on a daily basis.





In addition to our digital marketing services, SeedX offers comprehensive business strategy and consulting services. Our knowledgeable team is extremely capable in utilizing data-driven analytics to improve your business strategy and demonstrate successful results.


A strong business foundation and strategy is a MUST before digital marketing can truly thrive. For that reason, at the beginning of engagements, we audit our clients’ web tools, business, and competitors to get a sense of where they are doing well, what can be improved, and what our priorities should be.


After completing an audit and several strategy meetings, the SeedX team provides a roadmap to lead clients to success, addressing any underlying management, brand positioning, sales, web, or other business issues that may be getting in the way of your success.



When it comes to succeeding in our economy, having a customer base or organization members is simply not enough.


Each company, organization, and brand must compete with big players like Netflix, Spotify, and other content machines to grab people’s attention.


Building a community that is engaged with your brand, content, and product, service, or beliefs is absolutely crucial, and in order to do so, you need an omni-channel strategy to interact with your consumers across platforms and in the physical world.


SeedX can help you chart out how to build your own unstoppable army using traditional and digital marketing tools.



In 2020, the world was reminded just how important healthcare, medicine, and educating the public about both truly is.


SeedX takes pride in helping hospitals, healthcare institutions, and pharmaceutical companies navigate the difficulties of reaching their target audiences to educate and create community around their offerings.


Marketing within the healthcare space is not easy, and regulations become more restrictive each day across all platforms. Our team can help you discover how to legally and successfully spread your message despite the complexities facing this vital industry.



Want to start a movement? Already have one but need more people to be educated and get involved?


At SeedX, we work with private companies, non-profits, and other organizations who are looking to build coalitions that work to advance specific causes by using digital tools for recruitment, engagement, and activation.


What are you trying to accomplish? Reach out to us for solution unique to your needs.



The nature of political campaigning and fundraising has changed significantly in the past few years. More than ever, digital is no longer an option, but a necessity in reaching voters and specific target demographics.


Looking for more information about who your potential voters are? Hoping to sway the results of a poll or election? Need to raise hundreds of thousands or millions for your campaign?


SeedX can help you figure out a strategy to be successful in navigating this highly regulated space.



Are you working with a robotics, new technology, software as a service, or a growing app company?


We know how hard it is to tackle product development and marketing at the same time!


With a team of senior developers and experienced marketers, we have the knowledge to help you figure out how to complete your tech, market to the right audience, and integrate market feedback into your product.



At SeedX, we take pride in helping government entities in the United States and abroad navigate communicating with their populaces in the most effective manners possible.


Whether it be website development, policy communication, promotion of a specific government agency’s campaign, or solving a more complex marketing issue, we are happy to work hand-in-hand with national, state-level, and local leaders to successfully accomplish their goals.



Who doesn’t love a wonderful trip or experience on an airline or at a resort?

The SeedX team delights in working with members of the tourism industry to bring the magic of your company, organization, or location to life.


Furthermore, 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic have shown us just how important it is to communicate with potential consumers to ensure them that they can travel safely and still enjoy tourism at all. A strong digital presence is more important than ever – giving you options to change your business plan and connect with consumers during lockdowns or in difficult financial times.




We love sports because they bring people together! But how do you bring more people together to support your team?

SeedX has extensive experience creating strategies to ensure your community is vibrant online and off-line. Sell more tickets, have more people rocking your merchandise, and encourage your fans to tell their team story with digital tools!



At SeedX, we have worked with consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies across an array of spaces: food, skincare and cosmetics, medical gadgets, supplements, clothing, and more.


We take pride in helping to guide CPG companies in their transition to or growth in the e-commerce market. Our team has helped large wholesalers establish themselves within the direct-to-consumer market with a clear strategy and execution across digital channels.


Furthermore, SeedX can support your strategic needs as a wholesaler by preparing sales decks, graphic design, and business and communication strategy.



The cryptocurrency market is one of the fastest growing and most exciting areas of business to be in. However, it requires a high-level of understanding to operate effectively within the crypto community.


At SeedX, our team is equipped to help you craft content, messaging, and a marketing strategy to engage an audience that is astute in this area.


Call on us to help you navigate this fast growing and ever-changing industry.



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