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One size DOES NOT Fit All
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Different Business, Different Strategy

Every business is different. What works for a cosmetics company does not necessarily work for a sports team. Your goals and approach may not be the same. We create a strategy suited to you and what you want to accomplish.

Competitive Landscape

We look at your business in terms of how it fits into your industry's competitive landscape. We assess where your competitors are thriving, where they're missing opportunities, and how we can use that information to put you in the best strategic position to dominate.

The Problem With Most Digital Agencies and Marketers

Most digital agencies and/or marketers are good at one thing, whether that is Facebook ads, email marketing, SEO, or what have you. What they fail to understand is how these verticals synergistically work together. That mistake can cost you millions of dollars in lost opportunity.

Our Process
Strategy Session

We will conduct an all-hands meeting with your team to learn about your company history and set goals. Then, we'll complete a full audit of your online presence and establish a strategy complete with a timeline, specific pricing, KPIs, and next steps. At that point, you can decide to continue work with us or take the strategy in-house or to another team.

Kick-Off and Initial 3 Month Period

When the project launches, we will implement our strategy according to the road map we set out during the strategy session. Your project strategist will work directly with you on a day to day basis, and each month, you will receive a report on progress.

Reassessment And Movement Forward

When the initial 3 month period is complete, we will do a more in-depth review and assessment of the results of our work together. We will adjust to ramp up on areas that are thriving and address any existing needs for improvement.

Web Audit and
Strategy Engagement
All Hands on Deck Meetings

Two strategy sessions with our team and key stakeholders on your end to understand your company history, dive deeper into understanding your audience, discuss past marketing successes and failures, and establish goals and key metrics moving forward. You will also get a sense of our style of working and see if it’s the right fit for you.

Set Up Of All Necessary Tools

We will set up all necessary integrations during this process including analytics, Google search console, proper email marketing, and whatever other tools you need to thrive.

Full Digital Presence Audit

We’ll complete a full online presence audit and analysis including the areas SEO, email marketing, social media, advertisement, and website analytics.

Detailed Strategic Roadmap

At the end of our strategy period, we will present you with a comprehensive strategy including action items, a detailed timeline, and KPIs to measure success. We will also give you specific pricing and expectations should you continue to work with our team.

Your Strategic
Understanding of Key Verticals to Drive Growth

We will identify and explain why you should be focusing on specific verticals of digital marketing to grow your business.

Action Items

We will outline in detail the action items that you or we can take to accomplish your goals.

Timeline + KPIs

We will establish a timeline to follow and KPIs to measure success so that you know when to expect certain milestones.


We will detail pricing more specifically after meeting with you, understanding your current business, and outlining our plan of action.

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    Why choose a revenue
    share model?

    Incentives are powerful.

    Implementing the wrong incentives can have negative results for all parties. But put the right ones in place and you get a healthy, long-term partnership that all parties are invested in.

    Lots of marketing agencies work on either a retainer or a percentage of advertising spend model.

    The former means that a company gets paid the same each month, regardless of whether they have underperformed, and the latter means that companies are penalized for increasing their marketing spend.

    We believe a revenue-share model is a better way. Although it’s riskier for us as we don’t get paid if we don’t generate results, it also means that the company is happier to pay us as they’ve already seen the past month’s results, and we as an agency are invested in that company’s future.

    How Does It Work

    If your application to work with The Ecommerce Profits is successful, then at the beginning of each month you’ll pay us a percentage of the increased revenue that we generated for you during the previous month.

    For example, if on average your business has been generating $20,000 per month, and after the first month of working together, the business earns $25,000, then our fee for that month is a percentage of the extra $5,000 in revenue you earned.


    Revenue shares are not suitable for every business. To ensure a long-term, profitable relationship for both parties, we have to be extremely selective with the companies we take on.


    You must have a Facebook/Instagram advertising budget of at least $5,000 per month at the minimum


    You must allow us full access to your reporting systems (not just the Facebook Ads platform) in order that we’re able to verify your business revenue on an ongoing basis


    You must have been in business for at least 12 months with a verifiable revenue stream (any shorter than this, and we’re not able to gauge an accurate level of revenue)

    Most importantly, you should be invested in the long-term. If you can’t see us working together in a few years’ time, then a revenue share model is probably not for you.

    If you’re not eligible or don’t feel comfortable with a revenue share model, then that’s ok. We can still work together, but we’ll do so in the traditional manner – with a monthly management fee plus a percentage of ad spend.

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