Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

Why Use E-mail Marketing

Ranking for organic keywords using SEO can often take time and is more of a big picture approach. But if you’re an up and coming brand and have a decent budget, you might want to consider using pay per click as an option to explode your traffic fast.

Ranking naturally high on the big search engines (Google, Bing, Facebook, Pinterest) is often very hard, but there is a way to skyrocket your link to the top of the page or newsfeed with carefully curated PPC ads.

How It Works

The first step in getting starting with PPC marketing, is to take a look at your traffic sources, customer demographics, bounce rates, and referral pages.

We'll research keywords that will stand out to search engines and consumers using several online tools to get you the lowest possible price per click.

With PPC management, we can target specific demographic information, such as age, gender, interest, and location, to fit the ideal demographics of your customer base. This ensures that the clicks you're getting are from relevant potential customers.

Creating a captivating and successful PPC ad involves thinking analytically, but more importantly, thinking creatively. We provide you with several variations of creative copy for each proposed ad, all slightly different and never mundane.

We want to get you the highest amount of clicks for the lowest possible cost. We've developed, researched, and perfect a system to work with ad platforms like Google and Facebook that enables us to give you a high return on your investment, meaning for every dollar spent, you should be seeing at least double the amount of clicks.

A landing page for your clicks is just as important as the creative copy and budgeting that goes into the ad because it affects the next step of the sales funnel. If your landing page is not optimized to convert those clicks into potential customers or email subscribers, you’re losing money and leads.

Why Do You Need This Service
This Service

Our PPC marketing services are personalized for each client so we’ll take your company’s goals, audience demographics, and budget into consideration. This process can often seem daunting and confusing, especially if you aren’t familiar with more technical digital marketing terms. But we’ll help you optimize the entire process, from keyword research to copywriting to setting a budget and duration.

Captivate Copywriting

Whether we’re running Google ads or social media ads for your business, we’ll make sure that the copywriting is engaging, relevant, and, of course, grammatically correct. There’s nothing like awkward copywriting to ruin an otherwise good ad. And while we do want to use keywords, we also want to make sure that the ad resonates with the consumers.

Targeted Demographics

We want to make sure that the clicks you’re getting to your website, lead magnet, or ecommerce store are from qualified leads that fit your ideal customer’s demographic information. We can target a variety of demographic categories, such as age, income, job, location, and/ or interests. We can even target all of these categories and then analyze the results to see which type of demographic performs best.

Optimized Budget

We want to get you the most amount of clicks for the least amount of money, giving you a high return on your investment. Optimizing your budget is something we take very seriously. Luckily for you, search platforms that we run PPC ads on are smart, meaning they will reward us the more we use them and provide them with targeted audience data. We want to make sure we run your ad for the ideal minimum duration so that we can start to get you cost per click (CPC) down to as little as possible. Imagine you could pay 20 cents for every click and get thousands of clicks, many of which will then turn into customers.

Optimized Landing Pages

Once we’ve gotten a lot of clicks to your desired web page (or if you already are getting a lot of clicks), we want to make sure that the landing page for these clicks is also performing well, otherwise people will exist out and all that PPC work is rendered useless. An optimized landing page draws the potential clients further into the sales funnel (see our sales funnel approach for more information on this), bringing them one step closer to becoming paying customers.

Work With us on PPC Marketing

Our marketing team specializes in PPC ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat.


Want to work with us on PPC management? Here’s what you should have in place to prepare:

  • Google Analytics account
  • Customer demographic information or database
  • Medium to large budet
  • A specific goal in mind (sales, email opt ins, website clicks, profile visits)
  • Visual content or the budget to allow us to create high quality content
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