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Why Use E-mail Marketing

While perhaps the newest form of digital marketing, social media marketing, has been revolutionary in allowing brands to build a loyal customer base, announce news, and keep their consumers highly engaged.

Social media is all about the way you connect with consumers. There is no one right approach when it comes to tackling social media marketing, which means that each client we work with will receive a customized plan of action.

You can use social media to generate leads, increase sales, create anticipation surrounding a product launch, and communicate company updates or important news. Social media marketing can also involve paid social advertisements on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. While our biggest focus is Instagram and Pinterest, we also offer services for Youtube and Twitter.

How It Works

An account audit is an in-depth assessment of your social account's initial strengths and weaknesses so that we can give you an idea of how to proceed forward. We'll take into consideration your industry and competitor's accounts and give you a thorough plan of action with concrete suggestions.

Your bio is one of the first things a consumer sees when they click on your profile, whether it's on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook. Creating an optimized bio with keywords that will help you show up in searches and basic condensed information about what value, services, or products you provide is essential.

We work closely with our graphic designer to ensure that your feed looks as professional, color-coordinated, and aesthetically-pleasing as possible. We strive to create overall themes, color tones, and branding that speak to your customers and leads.

Hashtags are vital to growing your account and increasing your posts visibility. We take all the guesswork out of hashtags, doing industry research to provide you with the most effective hashtags to use for your account. Because each account is different, we will never just give you the same list of hashtags we create for another client.

Our follower growth technique ensures that you'll see a rise in your following while actually gaining followers that will interact with your content and have the potential to turn into new customers.

Struggling to create professional, relevant content for your social accounts? We can help you by taking product photos, creating branded graphic designs, and creating videos for Instagram stories.

Why Do You Need This Service
This Service

Our social media marketing services are personalized for each client so that we can create and maintain a feed that’s in line with your brand values and goals. You can expect to see a cohesive feed, increase in followers and engagement, and a lot more traffic to your profile at the bare minimum. All of these elements are important to maintaining a strong brand and increasing sales. Whether you’re a small start up looking to scale and promote your brand to a larger audience or a large company looking to increase your sales and clean up your Instagram feed, we can help. We’ll take you through the whole customized process from scratch or pick up from where you’ve started and take it several steps further. You can be as involved as you like the entire way because we believe in full transparency and good communication.

Multifaceted Approach

Social media marketing not only requires a strategic approach, but also a creative approach. Meshing these two seemingly different approaches together is what makes our social media marketing stand out. We know how to analyze your Instagram feed’s performance and demographics, but we also know how to create engaging and compelling captions that pair well with the perfectly curated content. No automated targeting bot can do that.

Targeting the Right Consumers

Plenty of social media managers will promise to get you loads of followers in no time. But if those followers aren’t from your industry or niche, they’re often pretty useless. That’s why gaining the right types of followers is so important because these are who will turn into paying customers. Our process of targeting audiences from similar brands to yours ensures that your followers will actually be a lot more likely to engage with your brand’s content.

Cohesive Aesthetic

The first thing a consumer sees when they click on your profile is not a single post, caption, or story, but the way your feed looks and feels overall. If that feed does not spark some kind of emotional connection, curiosity, admiration, or interest, you’re going to lose that person’s attention very fast. If your feed has no overarching theme or feel and has disjointed colors and images all over the place, the human eye won’t know where to go. That’s why making sure that your feed looks cohesive is central to our process.

Content Creation

We offer a range of content creation options, from creating custom story templates, to photographing your products, to the creation of custom brand gifs. High-quality content is not something you want to overlook or skimp on because the difference in a high-resolution social ad and a mundane-looking blurry image can mean a difference in thousands of clicks and sales money.

Work With us on Your Social Media

Let us know which platforms you’d like to focus on and your main goals, and we’ll create a package that fits your needs.


Our social media marketing team specializes in the following social media platforms: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat. Here are some more ways that we use social media marketing:

  • Influencer outreach + campaign management
  • Paid social advertising
  • Seasonal product campaigns
  • Custom brand gifs
  • Custom branded story templates
  • Customer engagement (responding to DMs & comments)
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