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Helping e-commerce companies of all sizes scale their systems for growth is one of our core competencies.

We work with founding and marketing teams to establish their brand,  customer acquisition channels, and re-engagement strategies. Our omni-channel efforts are meant give you a measurable and repeatable way to create and retain high-quality customers for your brand.


The SeedX team has experience working on business to business strategy and marketing implementation in several industries including medical devices, business services, SaaS, and more.

We work with B2B partners to acquire specific high-level customers, to build out their digital presences, and to manage and develop their sales systems through content creation, media buying, CRM management and strategy, and more.


We excel at working with enterprise clients who are looking to improve their current growth systems or expand into totally new markets, audiences, or product lines.

As a nimble omni-channel team, we are often an asset to enterprise teams who are looking for additional support with a project that requires creativity, technical skill, data analysis, and thinking outside of the box!


SeedX has worked with non-profit partners at a local, national, and international level to help them raise funds and create educated advocates for their organizations.

Leveraging digital marketing tools, we can work with your team to figure out the best ways to create reliable donations for your organization and educate more individuals about the mission of your entity.

Research & Strategy

We are at the cutting edge of our field and always have an eye on what is coming next.

For that reason, we are a trusted partner to entities who are looking for an in-depth and honest outside review of their current marketing, advertising, and communications strategy.

We educate teams on where they currently stand and help them set goals for the future. It brings us joy to create roadmaps with teams to hit goals they never knew were possible!

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