7 Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency


Working with a digital marketing agency can be a great option for your business to increase sales through paid social ads, grow your email list, redesign your website, manage social platforms, among many other things. Once you’ve decided that you’d like to work with a digital marketing agency rather than hiring an in-house marketing team, here are seven questions to ask before hiring a digital marketing agency:


1. How much should I budget to work with a digital marketing agency? 

Your budget for working with a digital marketing agency will vary greatly depending on your company’s needs, time frame, size, and scope of the projects. But you should expect to budget at a minimum a couple thousand of dollars per month. It’s important to be honest with yourself and the digital marketing agency you‘re thinking of working with about what a realistic budget is for your company. Often times, it’s good to create a list of tasks or areas you’re specifically trying to focus on.


2. How do I find a good digital marketing agency? 

After you figure out what a realistic budget is for your company, it’s important to consider where exactly you should find a qualified digital marketing agency to reach out to. Because we’re talking digital, a simple Google search for digital marketing agencies in your city is actually not a bad place to start. Why? Because the companies that are ranking high in your search organically clearly have their SEO mastered. And don’t you want to work with a company that has already mastered the services they provide!?


3. What tasks can digital marketing agencies do?

While some digital marketing companies specialize in certain niches by providing just email marketing or just social media management, many digital marketing agencies actually provide an array of services. Search engine optimization, pay per click management, branding, content creation, and website design are some of the services we offer here at SeedX. But each agency will be slightly different. So it’s important that you keep in mind which services you’re actually looking for and that you find an agency that best aligns with your needs.


4. Where to find digital marketing companies online?

Apart from a simple Google search for digital marketing companies, you can look up companies on websites like Thumbtack, Clutch, and Agency List  Fun fact: we’re listed on all of these ?


5. What are qualities in a good digital marketing agency?

When you’re searching for a digital marketing agency, here are some qualities we recommend looking for: great communication, problem solvers, quick turnaround time, and creative thinkers. 


6. How to tell if a digital marketing agency is a good fit?

While we just recommended some qualities that we think you should find in most good digital marketing agencies, ultimately it is up to you to decide if your company shares similar values as the agency. You can always ask them some questions like how they handle internal conflict or reach creative decisions. You can also look up reviews from past clients as those should often be good indicators of what working with the company would be like. 


What’s the best way to contact a digital marketing agency? 

A lot of digital marketing agencies have advertisements or links on different websites, but it’s usually best if you then go directly to their own website and fill out a contact form. You can check out our contact form here! 


We hope that gets you thinking about some important questions before you start working with a digital marketing agency!