Building an Engaging Direct to Consumer Medical Brand

THe client
Clarke Bioscience

In 2011, leading neurologist and biochemist Dr. Lewis Clarke, founded Clarke Pharmaceuticals, a company focused on making natural supplements for injuries and diseases that do not currently have a cure, including neurological issues such as ALS, brain and spinal injuries, Alzheimer's Disease, and more.

The Problem

Clarke Pharmaceuticals transform their patient's well-being with safe supplements; however, by only relying on B2B sales to grow they were missing out. When Clarke engaged SeedX, this was the problem we set out to solve - how could they get their life-changing supplements in the hands of more individuals? And in validating their product Neupanex, a supplement to help improve brain function, they needed help finding people for their studies.

Our Solution

SeedX helped Clarke BioScience find targeted individuals to participate in research studies to validate the effects of their supplement, Neupanex via online media buying, targeting, email marketing, and landing page optimization.


However, we did not stop there! SeedX helped Clarke establish a direct to consumer marketing strategy by rebranding their entire company.

Under a new, consumer-friendly name Clarke Bioscience, we remade their brand and website to be more informative and user-friendly to potential buyers. And with strategic digital advertising and email marketing to go with the website, we were able to increase their overall engagement and create a platform for Clarke BioScience to sell directly to customers.

Brand Design
Typography, Colors, Icons




Before & After
Website Redesign
Email Marketing Design
On-going Email Marketing Campaigns

Clarke BioScience is growing every day and changing many people’s lives with their innovative work. We are happy to partner with them on this valiant mission!