Branding and Launching a Modern Natural Beauty Marketplace with Pretty Well Beauty

THe client
Pretty Well Beauty

Pretty Well Beauty is your premiere clean beauty and wellness destination. We're proud to provide you with only the highest quality clean, natural and sustainable beauty and wellness products from trusted brands that span the globe. First and foremost, beauty is an inside job and we believe that what you put on your skin should echo your standards for what you put into your body.

The Problem

When Pretty Well Beauty's owner approached us, she was on a mission to create a trustworthy, curated marketplace for clean beauty online. Starting from scratch, she needed help with creating the brand coloring, logo, and website in their entirety.

Our Solution

We sat down with the Pretty Well Beauty team and outlined their goals, values, and target audiences. Together, we were able to come up with a modern, clean, and intuitive brand and website design.

Something that was very important to Pretty Well Beauty was to create easy-to-navigate pages wherein people could learn about the new brands, products, and applications of the curated items on their website. For this reason, the website is very unique in its capabilities to search by brand, by application, and more.

Pretty Well Beauty is specially curated to help the health-conscious navigate the beauty world!

Brand Design
Typography, Colors, Icons
Website Design

This modern, elegant, and minimal website speaks to the brand's vision itself: to inspire consumers to explore clean beauty alternatives.

Product Page Design
Product Catalog

Easy-to-navigate features on the Pretty Well Beauty website make discovering new brands and product applications enjoyable.

Design Features
Shop by Category

Intuitive Shop-by-Category design for ease of navigation.

Shop by Brand

We love this feature, wherein people can read about and shop new brands.

Special Offer

A strong lead magnet ensures that interested parties leave their email address to hear from Pretty Well Beauty again.

Other Features
Integration with Instagram & Blog
Featured Products

Pretty Well Beauty is a fast-growing marketplace that inspires customer loyalty. We are excited to see the company continue to thrive!