Revamping Solstice Medicine Company 20 Years Later

THe client
Solstice Medicine Group

Solstice Medicine Company was brought to Los Angeles over 40 years ago by our Founder, Phillip So. Phillip recognized a void and demand to fulfill for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in the community.

Today, Solstice Medicine is the foremost wholesale provider of TCM products to Chinese/Asian markets, groceries, and pharmacies, acupuncturists, and other health and wellness retailers in the United States.

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Their Goals

When Solstice Medicine Company reached out to SeedX, they were operating their online business on a website built in 2003 with outdated design, content, and technology. The company was also almost entirely reliant on wholesale sales.

We came together to accomplish the following goals:

1. Revamp and Modernize Website and Tech Stack (ERP, analytics tools, etc.)

2. Create Content to Educate the American Population about Traditional Chinese Medicine

3. Establish Customer Acquisition Channels and Scale Direct-to-Consumer Revenue

Our Solution

We began our relationship with Solstice by conducting in-depth sessions to get a complete idea of how to best set the company up for direct-to-consumer success. This included interviewing their staff and understanding their daily functions, setting short and long-term goals with their leadership, and a review of all current and past marketing and sales efforts. In doing so, we ensured that we built an appropriate scope of work for accomplishing our shared goals and that we understood the technology needs the company had before proceeding.

We then led the Solstice team through a branding process in which we defined a new and modern design style, color-palette, imagery, and language to describe their values and mission that would resonate with new American direct-to-consumer audiences while honoring the Chinese heritage behind their products.

Once we did the groundwork necessary to set ourselves up for success, we designed and implemented a website based on Shopify, along with a NetSuite ERP to transform Solstice’s business. We played an active role in training the Solstice team to interact with their new systems, and we oversaw the creation of versioning the Solstice Medicine website in Traditional Chinese and Modern Chinese, along with its English version.

Today, we are focused on educating American consumers about Traditional Chinese medicine through our media channels and scaling Solstice’s customer base.

Social Media

Solstice Medicine’s organic social media platforms provide us with an opportunity to educate people about principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the specific products Solstice offers. This leads to more brand engagement and loyalty.


This graphic showcases a traditional Chinese herb and its potential health impact.


Graphics that highlight the benefits of specific products lead to more purchases.


We oversee the capture and editing of high-quality lifestyle photography.

SEO/Content Marketing

Long-form blog/content creation serves two functions for Solstice Medicine. First, it helps us to continue to nurture and grow customer relationships by providing current leads and customers with more valuable information about Traditional Chinese Medicine. Secondly, it allows us to build Solstice’s search engine ranking around key phrases and words related to the ingredients of its products, the health needs the products help consumers with, and more.

What Was Done

In our first year of working together, with the revamp of its website and tech stack and the implementation of best marketing practices, Solstice Medicine’s conversion rate online has increased by over 3,000%, with total orders up 76%.

We are looking forward to bringing Traditional Chinese Medicine to many more consumers!