Bringing the best bagels in the universe direct to consumers

THe client
New Yorker Bagels

Still family-owned and operated, New Yorker Bagels started 50 years ago, when two immigrants took their shot at the American Dream and opened The Bagel Buffet, on Sixth Avenue. Word spread and the cafe became a Greenwich Village icon, serving bagels from early morning into the late, late night. You name a famous New Yorker from 70s and 80s, and they were there. In the early '80s, the shop also became a hangout for hip-hop pioneers.

Today, New Yorker Bagels is the world’s largest baker of fresh-baked bagels. If you’ve ever eaten a bagel in New York City, chances are you’ve enjoyed a New Yorker bagel. Now, New Yorker bagels are available by overnight shipping to anyone in the contiguous United States!

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Their Goals

When New Yorker Bagels approached SeedX, they were just beginning to take initiative on growing their direct-to-consumer sales via their website. Our goals were:

1. To streamline sales and marketing efforts and create consistency across verticals and channels

2. To establish costs for engaging and converting customers on different platforms

3. To create content that attracts new customers and nurtures current consumers

4. To attract and convert new wholesale accounts

Our Solution

To begin, we started our relationship with New Yorker Bagel by reimagining, designing, writing, and developing their website’s homepage. We did so to ensure that we achieved the best possible conversion rate by showcasing New Yorker Bagel’s rich history and delicious bagels in the best light possible.


After that, we began to create content meant to engage New York and bagel lovers of all kinds via social media, email marketing, and ad channels. We set out to create scalable growth via paid ad channels, and we improved New Yorker Bagel’s email strategy to increase revenue and its social media content to improve engagement.

Social Media

On New Yorker Bagel’s social media channels, messaging was once fragmented, and the team struggled to create content that embodied their vibrant sense of humor. The SeedX team has helped bring their content to life by leaning into current trends, tropes known by local New Yorkers and people who have visited the city, and fun facts about bagels.

Little Miss NY Bagel Lover

This graphic is an example of our team taking a current social media trend and making it work well for New Yorker Bagel.

State of Liberty

A graphic of an iconic New York landmark with the most iconic New York food – the New Yorker Bagel.

Local Humor

We often poke fun at the joys and struggles of living in the big apple. The “real reason” your train is delayed? Your conductor is eating his NY Bagel!


A meme that takes a current social media trend and a New York trope and puts them together for entertainment and shareability.

What Was Done

Since beginning to work together, NY Bagel has seen an 86% increase in online bagel orders. They have also experienced rapid wholesale growth outside of the tri-state area, in places across the US that they are excited to expand to.

Performance on email marketing and social media have also improved dramatically.