Rebrand for Prometheus Design Werx Where Technology Meets Apparel

THe client
Prometheus Design Werx

Prometheus Design Werx is an apparel and goods company that blends technology and fashion to create products made for everyday and survival. If you're an outdoors person, PDW is for you!

When PDW approached us, their website was confusing, lackluster, and did not showcase their unqiue brand and phenomenal products in the manner they deserved. We worked with them to create a UX/UI experience that took the best elements of e-commerce retail sites and blended them with technology website features, inspired by designs on Apple and Tesla's websites.

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Their Goals

We had one main goal in our website re-vamp with Prometheus Design Werx:

To create a high-converting website that does a better job of converting current and new traffic by showcasing their unique products in a novel way. 

Our Solution

Our team looked for inspiration in two industries to capture Prometheus Design Werx’s unique brand: the technology and the e-commerce apparel industries.

We pulled elements of websites by technology market leaders like Apple and Tesla to showcase the engineering that goes into creating PDW’s apparel and everyday tools.

The outcome is a fantastic and easy-to-use website that captures the brilliance of PDW as a company and its offerings.

Who We Are/About Page

The history behind a brand and its mission are ever more important today in e-commerce as consumers look for more personal touchpoints with the companies they interact with.

The previous PDW about page lacked visual appeal, making it difficult to read and engage with their otherwise fascinating founding story and principles.


Modern UX/UI principles, white space, large photographs, and optimized copy make a huge difference on PDW’s new informational pages.

LOGO highlight

Custom graphics like this showcase the unique attributes of PDW that serve to educate and convert the right website visitors and foster relationships with current customers.

The Outcome

PDW’s website just launched in late 2022. We are excited to report on success metrics soon!