Fractional Marketing Services for National B2B Advisory Firm

THe client
Millennium Alliance

Headquartered in Midtown Manhattan, The Millennium Alliance is a leading technology, business, and educational advisory firm. Focusing primarily in areas such as business transformation, executive education, growth, policy, and need analysis, Millennium is quickly becoming one of the most dynamic locations for collaboration across the world.

Millennium Alliance provides a framework for Fortune 500 C-Level executives, leading public sector/government officials, and thought leaders across a variety of disciplines, to meet their peers, understand industry developments, and receive introductions to new technology and service advancements to help grow their career and overall company value.

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Their Goals

1. Strategy – Like many B2B clients who connect with us, Millennium Alliance needed help identifying where to prioritize marketing dollars and manpower.


2. Website design and SDR/Pardot Integration – When we began our work together, Millennium Alliance had three websites – one was a marketing site, a second was a site for collecting information for events, and the third was a content site where their “Digital Diary” platform lived. They were also paying for SalesForce/Pardot but were unsure whether they were properly utilizing their CRM to its fullest potential.


3. Lead generation – Millennium Alliance relied 100% on outbound sales development before we worked with them.

Marketing, Content, and Technology Strategy

Like many of our B2B clients, Millennium Alliance’s team was overwhelmed by the world of possibilities that online marketing provides and was unsure how to align the company’s strategy with its sales-driven business lines.

To start, we conducted a full audit of the company’s tech stack and current analytics and interviewed its sales, marketing, and revenue stakeholders. After gathering this key historical data, we sat down with the Millennium Alliance team to benchmark its current progress across channels, set short and long-term goals, and identify north-star metrics and KPIs to guide our work together. We created a plan of action to execute against the team’s goals, assigning budget dollars accordingly and task-load between members of their team and our team based on time availability and skill sets.

SeedX continues to support Millennium Alliance in its strategic planning and measurement of success on an ongoing basis. We act as an extension of their team by providing fractional CMO services, along with a team of professionals skilled across several verticals including design, CRM/IT support, web development, SEO, advertisement, and more.

Read on to learn more about these individual services below.

Lead Generation

The SeedX team has increased organic and paid leads to the Millennium Alliance website through SEO and paid media efforts.  We have implemented title and keyword-specific landing pages on the website to drive specific traffic to information and events best tailored to their needs (See the CISO landing page image below).

Leveraging search engine optimization and best practices for paid media on Google and social media platforms, we consistently drive new and qualified event attendees and sponsorship leads to contact Millennium Alliance’s sales team.

The Outcome

As a result of our website and lead generation work with Millennium Alliance, the company has gone from driving 0 to over 100 qualified leads and deals via their website each month.

They have also increased long-term community loyalty by offering quality content to their membership base.

Lastly, our ongoing SalesForce/Pardot support and analysis leads to consistent increased efficiency for the organization as a whole.